Versatile is the word for the Army Ground Forces

This blue and silver badge is worn as an award of honor by men who have achieved the title of "Expert Infantryman."

Blue and silver infantryman badge

The illustrative drawings and text on this page are excerpted from a U. S. Army Recruiting Service advertisement originally published in 1946.*

People used to picture the Infantryman as a foot soldier plodding through a sea of mud. Today he is far from that. Today he is the most versatile soldier on earth.

You see him now parachuting from an airplane. . .hitting the ground fighting. He charges down snowy slopes on skis. He scales lofty mountain peaks with full pack. He floats to earth in gliders. He storms beaches from landing craft and assault boats. He races across country in speedy armored vehicles, combat cars and jeeps. He's a one-man battery, firing rockets from bazookas and recoilless rifles. He demolishes machine gun nests with flame throwers. He does all this — and more.

Today, more than ever before, the Infantry is the “Queen of Battles.” One of the proudest and most coveted honors any American young man can win in peacetime is the blue and silver badge of “Expert Infantryman.” On duty or off, he's a man who can hold his own in any company.

As outstanding as his wartime record is the Infantryman's long history of service to the nation in peacetime. In times of disaster — flood, fire, hurricane — it is usually the Infantryman who brings relief, food, supplies to aid stricken citizens.

The Infantry has made enormous strides in recent years, increasing its mobility, speed and efficiency. And the work goes on. Constant research is being devoted to developing new forms of equipment. . . new vehicles. . . new techniques of operation to keep the Infantry steadily on the road to greater effectiveness.

It's an exciting, adventurous, out-of-doors life. It may mean traveling abroad, seeing foreign lands, representing Uncle Sam in occupied countries. At home or abroad, it means an interesting, well-paid career that holds the high respect of your fellow citizens.

Enlistments are open to young men from 18 to 34 inclusive (17 with parents' consent). A 3-year enlistment entitles you to choose your branch of service and overseas theater (of those still open). Get all the facts, especially about new higher Army pay, at your U. S. Army Recruiting Station.


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U.S. Army Recruiting Service Your Regular Army Serves the Nation and Mankind in War and Peace — Choose This Fine Profession Now

*All advertising text and illustrations on this page are from a 1946 U.S. Army Recruitment Campagin and were published more than 60 years ago.

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