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Keeping Up Morale - Cartoonists View of Army Life As Depicted in Comic Cards

These comic postcards and cartoons of Army Life were originally printed in the 1940's. Many of them were published by Curt Teich & Company. Click on any card for a larger view. More cards will be added as our collection grows.

Army Life Is Swell
Say, Life in This Man's Army Is Swell...Outside of Takin' Orders There Ain't A Thing to Do!!

In Good Hands
I'm In Good Hands!

Mighty Potent Air Mail
Some Mighty "Potent Air" Mail Around Here Spike

My Dogs Are Barking
Jumpin' Jehosifat But My Dogs Are Barking

Hiya, Out of My Way!
Hiya, Out of My Way

Chest Out! Eyes Front! Watch Your Step...
Chest Out! Eyes Front! Watch Your Step...

How It Seems
How It Seems After Your First Long Hike!

He Gets All The Postcards and Letters
He Must Be A Regular Don Juan

Get Up!
Wha'd'ya mean 'Oh Mabel'
- Get Up!
D--mThese Blind Dates!
D--m These Blind Dates!

Camp snapshots
Camp Snapshots


Hot Dogs!!

How it felt...that first night at camp!

But ladies, don't you think you're carrying the U.S.O. idea too far?

Oh boy...and was I popular.

Keeping up Morale on the Home Front

More Postcard Images of Military Activities of the U.S. Army Infantry, Field Artillery, Air Corps and the Armored Division

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