Joyce Kilmer and Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

On Joyce Kilmer - "God rest his dear and gallant soul" - Father Duffy

Joyce Kilmer Memorial, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

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From the Pockets of Poets

Alfred Joyce Kilmer

American poet Joyce Kilmer was killed in action on July 30, 1918, near the French town of Seringes. He was 31 years old. Personal effects which were returned to his wife after his death included: A Soldier's Prayer; Business Card of Lt. Coakley, Chaplain; First Class Conduct Card permitting off-duty visits to area villages; Rainbow Observation Post; handwritten message permitting a trip to Baccarat on June 4 and 5, 1918; Envelope bearing a Treasury Department Bureau of War Risk Insurance return address; A poem titled, "The Face of Christ" by the Rev. C. L. O'Donnell; Portrait of his mother, Annie Kilburn Kilmer, signed and inscribed "To Joyce from Mother 15th April 1918" (Link to images of the personal items Joyce Kilmer carried while serving in France).

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