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Cory....You're doing a great job...keep it up. - Bill (Garland, TX), 1 Jan 2005
You have done a wonderful job and I appreciate you communicating this information to members of the Rainbow family. My father was in the 242, I Co. 3rd Platoon, and passed away in '63, without mentioning anything about the war. The information that I have received from the Rainbow Reveile, Relics of War, and other publication has provided the information I have longed to know. Thank you. - BH (Ramona, California) 26 Dec 2001
This site is so wonderful and well done. I have it bookmarked and intend to visit it often, and cannot wait to view it with my husband. Thank you so much for creating such a great place to learn about our history. The pictures from WWI of the men biding their families goodbye certainly made me cry. Thanks again for a great site. - Tina Marie, 18 Sep 2001



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