Relics of War
World War II Poems
by Dee R. Eberhart

Reviews and Critiques of Relics of War

Relics of War World War II Poems by Dee R. EberhartI received with the greatest of pleasure, your book of poems, Relics of War.... Thank you again for the WWII Poems, I cannot describe to you the stir of anguish my heart felt as I read some of your solemn yet sacred words-I am so glad you were inspired to write them...Your poem on Dachau also stirred in my mind's eye the horrors you viewed first hand. Blessed be you for so gravely, yet poignantly, recording the experience in order that the future may never forget, and hopefully will never repeat! —K.T., April 9, 2001

Relics of War, with its maps and haunting illustrations means a lot to me as a Rainbow descendant. It will speak unimagined volumes to those of us whose Rainbow relatives are no longer able (if they ever were) to tell us what they felt and heard and thought. For those descendants whose veterans are still living, it will be a bond and an opportunity for reaching out. A priceless gift, received with heartfelt thanks! —S.M., November 18, 2000

Thanks so much for sending us your booklet of poems and illustrations about your wartime experiences. It is a document of feeling and sensitivity and has great impact. The reader is there with you in exposed positions experiencing all the sights, sounds, smells and horror of the foot soldiers' war. I found it gut-wrenching to read in places, sad in others. Yet one gathers this was an intensely stimulating time you are remembering, a time when you were really alive and receptive to all sorts of impressions. You wouldn't want to repeat it, but you will never forget it.—A.C., January 12, 2001

Reading these poems and looking out at the gray skies outside sure gives you a funny feeling. I guess we all have the same feeling, that no one cares except ourselves. Guess that is an "old age" thing. —J.P., Idaho, November 14, 2000

I have been reading the booklet of poems that you sent me. Having been there on the ground and in the air, I'm appreciating and understanding your poems mores. —J.H., January 16, 2001

Thank you for your generous donation of Relics of War to the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center. We are honored to have your collection of WWII poems in our library. Through our library, we hope to introduce others to WWII and to the survivors of Hitler's persecution and their rescuers. Thanks to your creative efforts, we will never forget the lives of those who survived and those who died during WWII. —M.G., Washington, November 20, 2000

Your descriptions of the various portions of "our" war were very much to the point and quite poignant. I especially enjoyed the story of Wurtzburg--it was just as you wrote it. —F. & B. M., Washington, November 18, 2000

The illustrations by Sophia are excellent, she really captured the terrible dreary role of the infantry, I'm wondering who coached her? —C.R.A., November 16, 2000

When I got your book of poems, I sat down and read the whole thing. I loved them all, your writing talent shines brightly through. R.H., December 1, 2000

It is so well done and the writings you chose were perfect. You write with so much feeling it creates many emotions in the reader. M. & T.M., November 30, 2000

I have just read, for the second time, your book of moving poems that reflect so accurately those darkly terrible, yet triumphant, days of 1945. You caught the spirit of the events and places you describe. And that, of course, is in part because you were there...It would be difficult to select the poem which stirred me the most. My guess is that my favorite might even depend upon the mood I am in. However, your 45th Anniversary Tribute in "Monument Bench" I read with particular care, not having been at that convocation. And your "In Memoriam" to Dick Miesen might well be generalized to stand for the many men of Rainbow who served the 42nd Infantry Division...Your gifted daughter Sophia made an outstanding contribution to your magnificent effort. Her stark drawings and maps were a perfect complement to the words of her father. J.B., California, January 9, 2001

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