Virtual Gallery of Photographs and Documents that Represent the 42nd Rainbow Infantry Division
in World War I and World War II

The First World War

42nd Rainbow Division Pictorial

George Eastman House Still Photograph Archive One of New York's greatest military spectacles the "Rainbow" division parading in honor of citizen soldiers. 1917 Keystone View Co., gelatin silver print stereograph of The 'Rainbow' Division Parading in Honor of Citizen Soldiers."

University of Tulsa World War I Special Collection - Series I: The Rainbow Division

Ourcq River and Meurcy Farm World War I Battlefield Tour - 2001

World War II

1995 Munich Rainbow Reunion and 50th Anniversary Tour of Europe

Liberation Photographs Index - A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Members of the American Rainbow Infantry Division cautiously enter a German town in search of the enemy. Photo credit: 42nd Rainbow Infantry Division: A Combat history of World War II, Lt. Hugh C. Daly, editor, 1946.

Dachau Boxcars Alongside the concentration camp, 50 box cars sat with over 1500 prisoners who were shipped by train without food from Buchenwald to Dachau. American soldiers find one lone and thankful survivor in a train on the siding outside the Dachau concentration camp. All of the others had perished. Photo credit: 42nd "Rainbow" Infantry Division : A Combat history of World War II, Lt. Hugh C. Daly, editor, 1946.

NEVER AGAIN by Margaret Sheffer - Pensacola, Florida

Liberators and the Liberated - Occupiers and the Occupied documents the Encounter of the People of Austria with US Soldiers after World War II. (This was a WorldWideWeb Project by Ingrid Bauer (Ludwig Boltzmann Institut f. Gesellschafts- und Kulturgeschichte; Salzburg) & Albert Topitz (IMAGE Kommunikationsdesign GmbH; Hallein/Salzburg) and their website has not been updated since February 1999, yet it still offers interesting archival material on the Austrian-American experience in Salzburg at the end of World War II). See specific links to photographs and drawings below.

City of Salzburg Population Welcomes American Soldiers, May 5, 1945 (Boltzmann-Institut/Steinocher-Fonds Photo Archive, Salzburg. Photographer: Ben Sax, USA)

Drawing and letter by Erwin Mayr, in 1947 a schoolboy in Linz, Upper Austria (from the Estate of Major General Harry J. Collins, Boltzmann-Institut/Steinocher-Fonds Archive, Salzburg)

General Collins Brings Chocolate - Remembrance from all the children of the Nonntal School in Salzburg, 1948 (Estate of Major General Harry J. Collins, Boltzmann-Institut/Steinocher-Fonds Archive, Salzburg)

G.I.'s and Mozart in Salzburg - Military parade at Mozartplatz in Salzburg showing statue of composer. (Estate of Major General Harry J. Collins, Boltzmann-Institut/Steinocher- Fonds Photo Archive, Salzburg)

Torah Study by Rabbi Ismar Schorsch - Passover: In March 1945, the famed 42nd (Rainbow) Infantry Division, fighting on German soil, printed a small, slim Haggadah for its seder.

A Survivors' Haggadah created by and for displaced persons in Munich, Germany after Fall of Third Reich, and more about the Rainbow Haggadah

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